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Overview of Humanities & Social Sciences


Qingdao University lies in the historic city---Qingdao. The campus is located on the beautiful coast of the Huanghai sea and south of the Fushan mountain with beautiful surroundings and mild climate. Here carries profound traditional culture and rich flavor of times.

The field of Humanities & Social Sciences consists of about ten faculties: School of Literature, School of Law, School of Foreign Languages, School of Music, Normal School, School of Economics, School of Business, School of Public Foreign Language Education, School of Maxism, School of Physical Education, School of Fine Arts, School of Tourism & Geographical Sciences, School of Journalism & Communication and School of Philosophy & History.

Up to now, Humanities and Social Sciences of QDU has awarded 11 provincial key disciplines, 2 provincial research bases, 1 Category I Discipline PhD programs, 1 Category II Discipline PhD programs, 11 Category I Discipline Master's programs, 53 Category II Discipline Master's programs, 11 professional degree types. QDU is home to 2 national academic specialties (Chinese Language & Literature and Korean) and 4 provincial specialties. The university has also approved 1 national experiment teaching demonstration center, 1 key lab for preponderant discipline constructed by central and local government, 1 education base for college students' cultural quality education.

Teachers in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences are very qualified faculties. QDU employs more than 100 full-time teaching faculties to date, including 124 professors, 398 associate professors, 219 doctoral degree holders. Among them, one is elected in New Century Talent Supporting Project by Ministry of Education; 12 enjoy the special allowance of the State Council. The university also has 4 provincial outstanding teachers, 1 leading expert of the research base, 3 young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions, 5 topnotch talents in Qingdao and 2 provincial excellent teaching teams.

Since 2011 (the implementation of the 12th Five-Year Plan), the research capability of Humanities and Social Sciences has been enhanced. QDU has undertaken over 600 scientific research projects at all levels, including 2 research projects awarded by National Social Science Foundation, 44 annual, youth and post-funded projects awarded by National Social Science Foundation, 134 provincial research projects and more than 400 municipal research projects. 48 projects are awarded at the provincial level or above, including 1 second prize and 1 third prize of Excellent Achievement Prize of scientific research in colleges and universities issued by the Ministry of Education (Humanities and Social Sciences), 1 major achievement award and 2 first prize award for excellent achievement in social sciences in Shandong province. Compared with the achievement made in the eleventh Five-year plan period, the quantity and quality of published articles and works have increased a lot.

In recent years, QDU has actively promoted exchanges and co-operations with foreign universities and established cooperative relations with over 150 institutions of higher education and scientific institutions in more than 20 countries and areas including Australia, Korea, Japan, the US etc. The number of foreign experts and students ranks among the top in Shandong province. The university has been approved as the State Base for Chinese education, the national training base for oversea study, co-construction unit of Foreign Confucius Institutes and Shandong Sino-German College Center.

Embracing the idea of “Based on Qingdao, facing Shandong, serving the nation and going international”, QDU provides decision-making consultation about policy, law and management for nation and local governments with the advantage of disciplines, talents and platform. Up to now, the university has made remarkable achievements with the accomplishment of about 260 consultation reports and active participation in social development planning and cultural construction. It participated in drafting several regional strategic agendas including “Peninsula Tourism Agenda in Shandong province” and “Logistics Agenda in Shandong province” which contributes to the economic and social development. QDU also set up affiliated high school, established educational research base and developed course construction and teacher training, thus vigorously supporting the rapid development of basic education in urban and rural areas.

QDU convened a meeting of Humanities and Social Sciences in September 2012, made The Mid-term and Long-term Development Agenda for Humanities and Social Sciences of QDU (2012-2020) which pointed out the way for the university to enter into a new prosperous period.


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